Opelousas Makers Market

Last Saturday of every month 8am - 1pm

Our goal of the Makers Market is to provide a place for St. Landry makers to display and sell their creations. We want to showcase a well curated collection of makers with locally hand crafted goods, the best home grown entertainment, chefs & bakers offering mouthwatering dishes, balloon & face painting artisans for the kids and much more. The Opelousas Downtown Makers Market has set forth to create a space and experience where visitors of all ages can see, taste, smell & hear the best of what the area has to offer, in one location.




  • We first ask that you carefully read all the rules and these frequently asked questions. There is a strong chance that your question is covered here.
  • If you do not see the answer to your question you can email us at info@javasquare.cafe . We will usually respond the same day.Please do not ask briesta, they more than likley wont know.
  • Booth set up can take place anytime between 6:00 & 7:00. Please be setup ready to go by 7:30.
  • I will send out a link with a labeled market map Friday evening before the market.
  • Your designated booth space may change from week to week so please make sure to refer to the map each week. If you have committed to selling year round, you may receive a static booth space in the new year.
  • When you arrive, you can unload either along 190 or Court St (depending on your designated booth space). Once you have quickly unloaded, we ask that you move your vehicle to one of the parking spaces around the court house or on the court street side.
    • While we want this to highlight vendors from St. Landry, we don't want to deprive Opelousas shoppers access to great vendors from all over the area. So you do not have to be based in Opelousas.
    • Products are our main focus, but we are open to allow service businesses to highlight what they have to offer. We suggest if you are offering a service, that you make your booth engaging and visibly appealing. This prevents the market from looking like a job fair.
    • Yes, the Market will run year round. We only put this first date to gage the interest but will post more dates.
    • We will probably take off a few weekends a year around Christmas and New Years.
    • There is always the possibility of rain which could cancel some weekends.
    • You must provide at least 40 lbs of weight on each leg of your tent.
    • It is very important to get a strong sturdy tent. You do not want to put other vendors at risk if you buy a flimsy tent that breaks and blows into your neighbor when the wind gusts.
    • Straight tent legs are required for equal positioning of the booths.
    • Having all white tents presents a professional & uniformed appearance.
    • We are all required to maintain an attractive and neat booth space while open. All boxes should be hidden under tables by start time.
    • Yes, fire marshals require all tents be properly permitted at outdoor markets now. The physical tag sewn into your canopy must say NFPA 701 Fire Resistant.
    • You can purchase a compliant tent at Academy or Amazon:
    • Z-Shade Venture 10' x 10' Commercial Canopy for $110 at Academy
    • We do not offer that at the moment, but might be able to offer that in the future for a small rental fee.
    • There is little access of power outlets available, and those are reserved for food vendors, unless they do not need them. It could change each month. Food vendors may reserve power, but must supply a 50 foot outdoor rated extension cord and select that option in the application or in an email titled “NEED POWER”.
    • There is no smoking anywhere within the market. Anyone who needs to smoke may do so across the street on the sidewalk.
    • This is a family friendly market. We request that we do not have anything that is “overtly offensive”. Examples: T-shirts with large curse words printed, any religious icons, Satanic iconography, drug paraphernalia, sexually explicit products etc… :)
    • The coffee shop Java Square, next to the market, has good coffee, snacks, a clean bathroom and complementary cold water.
    • We do not allow vendors to shut down before endtime unless previously agreed to by Management.
    • If you have a previous engagement that will cause you to leave before close, please do not sign up to vend that day. If you have already signed up for the market, send an email explaining the situation and decisions will be made case by case.
    • No, you are not required to have a Louisiana Sales Tax ID. However, we strongly encourage it and you are responsible to have any necessary items to operate.
    • You may file for a sales tax ID here.
    • Tax IDs do not take long to file for or to process.
    • Once you have been accepted to the market & have vended your initial market dates, you will want to schedule future dates. You can do this by emailing info@javasquare.cafe that you would like to reserve future dates.
    • We make dates available up to 3 months in advance. Emailing us every few months is important because it's how we create the schedule and it allows you, the vendor, to see all available open market dates. Once you fill out the Reserve Form, Carlos will send an invoice, usually within 2 business days. If you paid previously for a date that was rained out, you should include a request for a credit in the application “Comments” section.
    • The website’s Vendors Page will connect your website to the market using your supplied logo and blurb. The Vendors page allows customers to find you more easily.
    • Liability claims can be very expensive for an event director even when they have insurance that covers the entire event. Claims arising out of artist or vendor negligence can cause insurance premiums to increase and/or risk policy non-renewal.
    • You can purchase a policy here.
    Read Carefully First
    We are a curated market, which means you need to apply to have a spot. This is only to prevent the market from being setup like a flea market. To participate in the Opelousas Makers Market, vendors with services must be locally owned. Applications are reviewed weekly. Responses are sent out within a couple of days of the submitted application. If you do not plan on being a part of the month you are applying in. Please put that in the notes.
    If you have a facebook, please supply so you can be added to members group.
    I understand that if I am providing my own tent, I must have a white, straight legged 10 x 10 NFPA- 701 Fire Marshal approved canopy, to set up at Opelousas Makers Market.
    I understand that Java Square and Parking Lot owners allow us to use their parking lot. I agree to keep a tidy booth and to clean up around my booth before I leave and take all trash with me.
    Taxes & Permits
    I understand that I am responsible for my own tax ID / Sales tax and/or Health Dep't. Permit if applicable.
    It is recommended that you have General Liability insurance coverage and you understand that Java Square, Parking lot owners, are not responsible for you or your items, and are not held liable for any injuries or accidents.
    I have read carefully & agree to all the market rules located on the Apply page.
    How did you hear about our market?